Fairway Village Residents Association, Inc. is a cooperative governed by Chapter 719 of the Florida Statutes for the protection of all shareholders.

Additional guidance is provided by the Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations that are developed and voted on by the shareholder.

To protect our beautiful community any changes and/or additions to the exterior of a shareholder's unit must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval and be issued a permit prior to performing any work on the exterior of your unit.

Each resident and all potential residents including renters should become familiar with the content of these documents.

    Document Title     Year
   ARC Policies & Procedures Approved 03.08.2022 2022
   Bylaws with Amendment 2015 2015
   Master Proprietary Agreement with Resolution 2017
   Rules and Regulations rev. 01.31.2023 2023
  Florida Cooperative Act